Valentine’s Day Haul

I’m cringing a bit inside because I know how late this post is (my flowers have already started wilting), but it’s only been a week since Valentine’s day, right? ….right.

Anyway, as probably none of you know, my boyfriend is currently living halfway across the world, so we have to get creative when it comes to gift giving. Mostly, we use Amazon and Etsy since they mostly ship around the world. However, we have been known to look up cupcake delivery places nearby and get them sent to each other (he also does the same with flowers).

I’m getting off track again. This year, he sent me some really great stuff that I’m really excited about and thought I would share with you lovely people.


First of all, you should know that I have recently become obsessed with taking baths. I just find them so incredibly relaxing, and new relaxation techniques are definitely something I need this semester with my college schedule (Seriously, it’s been awful.). Along with my new found love of baths, I have really started to enjoy using bath bombs. Since this is a fairly new guilty pleasure of mine, I don’t know too much about the brands and the different types, other than Lush, but I love them all the same.

These particular bath bombs came from a brand called HanZa. They come in a gift set of 8 on Amazon, and each one has a different name based on, what I am assuming is, the effect you are supposed to receive from it: Restore, Balance, Euphoria, etc. (except for Pink, not sure how that name got in there). They’ve received about 4.5 starts on Amazon, and I have to agree that they are pretty awesome. So far I’ve only used Pink which is supposed to smell like Cotton Candy, and I was impressed with it. The smell wasn’t quite there for me on that particular one, but it still smelled wonderful and left my skin feeling smooth and moisturized. From the card it came with, it appears that they also only use natural and organic ingredients when making them which is always a plus.


My second set of bath bombs came from a company called Enhance Me, and they are from the Hearts & Love Bath Bomb collection. All six of these bath bombs were created to symbolize different aspects of love, which definitely made for some interesting names, and they have little hearts in them which I though was a cute touch. As far as the bath bombs themselves, they definitely smell amazing. I’d say they smell even better than the other ones. They are made with shea butter and organic palm oil which is supposed to make your skin feel very soft and moisturized. I have not had a chance to try one of these yet, but I plan on doing so very soon. I’ll hopefully give an update on how they turned out.


Also fairly recently, I have started becoming slightly obsessed with lipstick, more specifically liquid lipstick, and ColourPop has definitely been my go to brand. Since I’m kind of new to lipstick, I’ve found ColourPop to be a great place to start. For one, their prices are amazing for someone one a budget (like me) who just wants to try as many as possible. Plus, the color choices are great, and they usually last as long as I need them to.

This particular Valentine’s Day collection came with five mini liquid lipsticks. Two of them were the Ultra Satin Lips, two were Ultra Matte, and one was Ultra Glossy. Personally, I really loved this collection because there was a pretty great color and finish range. It’s how I found out how truly awesome the Ultra Satin lipsticks are. They don’t feel nearly as drying as the Ultra Matte lips, and they still have great color payoff.

Anyway, I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day (even though it was a week ago) and week ahead!

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