A Hint of Adventure: Impromptu Backseat Picnic in Helen


Since my mom works for the school system and they had their spring break, she decided to come pick me up from college so that we could get away for a day. Not too far away from my college, there’s a cute little German town with a lot of unique shops and beautiful scenery. We were planning on having a picnic….but then it started to rain. At this point it was around 2:00, and we hadn’t eaten all day, so we finally found a BBQ restaurant that had good reviews online. Unfortunately, one thing the reviews failed to mention was that they don’t have tables inside.

We finally had to take our food to the trunk of the car, and (since it was cold) let the back door down. Even though I tried to explain to my mother that the trunk door doesn’t open from the inside, she didn’t listen, and after we ate, we found ourselves stuck in the truck of the car. My mom ended up having to climb over the backseat and let us out (after she got stuck between the seat a couple of time….I have a video *insert evil laugh here*).


Anyway, after we escaped from the car, we had a great time browsing through all of the shops. There’s one store in particular that sells glass blown art. My parents got their wedding cake topper from there when they were getting married, and while we were there, she found a glass blown 25 for anniversaries. Since my parents celebrated their 25th anniversary this year, she bought the 25 and hung it on the cake topper from their wedding. Isn’t that just adorable??

If you ever get the chance to visit, I definitely recommend it as a weekend getaway. They have beautiful hiking trails which I’m sure would be really nice when it’s not cold and rainy….haha. They also have little picnic benches by the river, so you can have a fun, relaxing afternoon picnic. Plus, the shops sell a lot of really neat homemade things like wind chimes, quilts, honey, candy, the biggest cookies I have ever seen, etc.. If you do end up going, make sure that you bring a piece of chalk to sign the underside of the bridge going over the river. I love things like that. There’s something really special about seeing a part of all the people who have stood where you are standing right at that moment.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed seeing and hearing about my little adventure. Happy traveling!

P.S. We saw this beauty on the way home 😀 You can just make out the second rainbow in the picture.

Double rainbow! 😀

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