Lorac Beauty and the Beast Lipstick

*You can also check out my new video for lip swatches here!

From the time I heard that Beauty and the Beast was being made into a live action film, I was looking forward to MAC’s Beauty and the Beast collection. Unfortunately….it has not come. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Lorac had in fact come out with their own Beauty and the Beast collection, so I ran over to Ulta and came out with their lipstick collection. Here’s what I think so far!

  • The lipsticks themselves are in absolutely beautiful colors and range from a dusty, light pink to red as a rose (sorry, I had to).
  • They’re in a cream finish that goes on really smooth and literally makes you feel like you have nothing on your lips, which I love.
  • They are also moderate coverage, so I’ve found them (especially Belle-ieve and Savoir Faire) to be great everyday lipsticks.
  • They are $36 US for all five lipsticks which is supposed to be a $95 value according to the box they came in, and I definitely feel like they are worth the price.
  • The packaging is beautiful!

So….now to some swatches! (don’t laugh at my attempted flower 😀 )

Red Rose

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