Colourpop Nail Polish and Crystal Collection

Along with the Fem Rosa collection, I decided to try out some of the other new collections Colourpop has come out with recently. I was really excited to see that Colourpop was expanding and coming out with nail polish, so of course I bought two of them to try out (Pixi-lated and First Wings First). The other collection I decided to try out was the Crystal Collection, but unfortunately most of the collection was sold out by the time I ordered everything so I only got the rose quartz lip balm.

First up is the nail polish. I used Pixi-lated (which is the blue-ish color) on my toenails, and I tried out First Wings First on my finger nails.


  • The packaging and names are really cute!
  • They have a good range of colors for the first release from a sparkly silver to light pink to teal.
  • They are really pigmented which is something Colourpop as a whole does really well.


  • The colors seem more spring-y than summer-y which is kind of disappointing since they released them in the summer.
  • The nail polish dries really quickly which means it starts clumping when you’re still painting the nail.
  • There doesn’t seem to be a lot of product compared to the other nail polishes I have. Especially when the price with shipping isn’t that much cheaper than (what I think are better) nail polishes.


Next we have the rose quartz lip balm from the crystal collection. I think the idea behind this collection is so neat! They have a video on their YouTube channel explaining about the different crystals used in their products and the different energies they’re supposed to represent.


  • The idea behind the collection is so cute and interesting.
  • It looks really good over lipstick to give it another dimension.
  • It smells good!
  • It makes their matte lipstick feel more moisturizing.
  • It has a really pretty sparkly, pink-y sheen when the light hits it.


  • Most of the collection is already sold out….
  • The lip balm has enough pigment in it to look way too light on my pale skin.
  • The box it came in was really cute, but the actual tube packaging is just bland.


7 thoughts on “Colourpop Nail Polish and Crystal Collection

  1. I’ve been waiting for a Colour Pop nail polish review since they came out with it! The colors look beautiful but it’s a shame they clump easy. I’d agree with the quality packaging – I find that their packaging is cute but it falls flat. Really enjoying your blog x


  2. I really like those colors. I kind of feel like ColourPop is a little overrated though. I’ve never tried their polishes, but I bought some of their lip creams and was not impressed.

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      1. The matte ones are the ones I have. The colors looked different on my lips then how they look in the tube, so I didn’t like that at all. They also left my lips feeling dry. Now their highlighters I do like. They’re creamy (instead of powder) and are well pigmented.

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      2. Right. The matte ones are way too drying for me as well. The satin and blotted lips are better for me, and you’re right. It is kind of a guessing game with the color because the way it looks on the website is not the way it looks in real life. I always try to watch their swatch videos on youtube before I buy any of the lip products because those give you a better idea of what they really look like.


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