Beginner Makeup: Makeup Brush Essentials

When you first start doing makeup, all the makeup applicator choices out there can get overwhelming, so I decided to share some of the brushes that I think are absolutely essential for those who are starting to do makeup. Of course, there are many other brushes out there that would help you on your makeup journey, but these are just the bare essentials I think everyone should have.


1. A Powder Brush: Whether you’re wearing powder foundation or just using a setting powder, I feel like everyone needs a go to powder brush. Personally, I love my Real Techniques brush because it’s so big and fluffy which spreads the powder evenly all over my face.

2. A Face Brush: Everyone needs some kind of a smaller fluffy brush for bronzer, highlighter, and blush. Ideally, you would have one for each one, but since this is the bare essentials, I would highly recommend having at least one face brush for all three.

3. A Beauty Sponge: If you’re using liquid foundation, I personally prefer a beauty sponge over a foundation brush. I just think it applies the foundation better overall for most foundations. You can also use the pointy end for blending out concealer. I prefer the Real Techniques one.


4. An Eyebrow Brush: If you don’t want to go out and buy one of these, I saw a hack on Pinterest where you just wash a mascara applicator and use that. I tried it, and it works well! They also come with a lot of brow products and make your eyebrows look so much better.

5. A Small Angled Brush: This can be something of a multipurpose brush like the face brush which is why it is so great to have. I use it with powder brow products, and the sigma angled brush works perfect for me.


6. A Dome Eyeshadow Brush: This brush is really important for applying eyeshadow to your eyelid. It picks up the eyeshadow really well to make it look more pigmented on your eye. I personally prefer more of a flexible, fluffy dome brush compared to a stiffer one because I feel like the eyeshadow goes on more easily with a fluffier one.

7. A Blending Brush: In my opinions, this is probably one of the most important brushes to have. It allows you to blend eyeshadows easily into your crease and smoke colors out for a smokey eye look. I use the Sigma tapered blending brush, and it’s by far my favorite because it fits perfectly into my crease.


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