Why I’m Currently Writing This In New Zealand….

What would cause a Georgia girl whose family has lived in the same place since the 1800s (probably) to up and leave her family to travel thousands of miles (kilometers now…) to live in New Zealand? Now for some of you adventurous, thrill-seeking, travel-loving people this may not seem like such a big question. However, where I’m from the idea of moving away from your family and comfort zone in order to explore some dream of living abroad for some time is kind of odd.

Unfortunately for me, most of the time I am not one of those adventure filled people I described earlier, and most of the time it was me asking myself that same question. What am I doing moving away from a stable job and a loving family to try my luck in New Zealand? Now don’t get me wrong, part of me (the non-anxious part) has always wanted to travel and live abroad. To experience the world, but deep down I knew that my love for my comfort zone would probably always win out.

Luckily for me, one thing pushed me out of that comfort zone and forced me to actually live my dreams, and that person is (drum roll please….) my fiance. Shockingly enough, it’s not all that easy, or fun for that matter, to keep up a long distance relationship for multiple years. Sadly, it’s also not that easy (despite what some may think) for someone to get a working visa in the US, so that left me with the choice of either getting married without living in the same country for most of our dating lives or moving to New Zealand for some actual dating time before we get married.

For the record, I do know how absolutely insane our love story sounds. My only excuse is the somewhat cheesy explanation that we really do love each other and can’t imagine living without each other.

Anyway….obviously I decided to move to New Zealand. Not that I’m suffering by being here. It’s a beautiful country, and I really do love being here and living out my dream of living abroad for however long a time. So now I’m sitting in our cute, little house, staring out at the birds playing in our garden, trying to start back my blog, and feeling really excited for what the future holds! I really hope that you’ll join me!

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