Too Faced Peaches and Cream First Impressions

So, as you’ve probably seen from my September beauty wishlist, I was incredibly excited when I found out that Too Faced was coming out with another collection based on peaches. Let me just say, I absolutely love everything having to do with peaches! I love the smell of peaches, I love the taste of peaches, and I love peach makeup, so I absolutely had to get some of the collection. This is what I got!


Primed and Peachy

I have never actually bought a Too Faced primer. I did get their Hangover primer as a sample, though, and really liked it, so I decided to try out this one. It has the same smell as the rest of the collection which is amazing. You can definitely smell peaches like the other collection, but it’s not nearly as strong as the other one because the cream mixed in tones it down. When I tried it out on my hand, it blurred everything out perfectly, so I think that it will be great on my face.

Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation in Snow

I was actually kind of disappointed with this one. I got the lightest shade which works for me in their Born This Way Foundation, but this one was too dark for my skin tone. I was so disappointed because I was really looking forward to this one. I’m sure if you’re not really pale like me, though, it will work great!


Peach My Cheeks Blush in Peach Dream 

I really like this so far. It’s pretty pigmented which is nice. It’s also a beautiful pale pink which I think will look awesome on my pale skin during the winter. The formula is supposed to be new. It’s really interesting because it feels creamy when you swirl your finger in it, but when it’s on your finger, it’s more powdery. They also have a highlighter and bronzer in this formula which I didn’t get.


Peach Kiss in Drunk Dial

I absolutely LOVE the look of this lipstick! The actual lipstick has peaches engraved on the sides which is so adorable!! The color itself is a really pretty berry tone which is so perfect for fall!


Just Peachy Mattes

I personally believe this is a great palette for travel since it’s all mattes, is small, and has a big mirror. The feel like the colors could be really pretty for fall, but they could also be used for all other seasons by showing casing certain colors. Plus, it smells great, but it’s not too overpowering like the Sweet Peach palette can be.

Colourpop Fem Rosa Collection

I finally got the fem rosa collection! When it first came out, I bought the lip bundle, but the palette sold out really quickly (as I’m sure the new concealers and brushes will :/ ). I was really disappointed because I loved the look of the palette. It looked perfect for a transition palette between summer and fall-y colors. Luckily they restocked it fairly quickly, and I just got it in! The only thing that I did not get from the collection was the face palette since it looked really dark for my skin tone.

We’ll start off with the lip bundle which contains two satin liquid lipsticks (Mrs. and Darling) and one glossy lip which is Contessa. I was really happy they made the lipsticks in the satin formula because I love the colors, and I’m not too fond of Colourpop’s matte formula. It just feels too drying on my lips.



  • Beautiful transition colors from summer to fall
  • Feel comfortable on the lips
  • Very pigmented
  • The satins are not streaky (even though Darling kind of looks like it in the picture, my fault)
  • I feel like the colors would look pretty on multiple skin tones (especially darker skin tones)
  • Beautiful packaging!! (love the rose gold rose on the tube!)


  • I had a hard time getting them to come off my hand when I swatched them after they dried.

The “She” palette is by far my favorite out of the collection, though, the colors are absolutely beautiful! They have four matte shades (my favorites), seven metallic shades, and one satin shade. Like I said about the lip bundle, they’re perfect for the summer-fall transition.



  • All of the colors are highly pigmented
  • The metallic shades are not too sparkly and much more pigmented
  • You can get multiple looks out of the palette
  • There are beautiful matte shades for the crease
  • It’s small enough to take in a travel bag
  • The lid is magnetic so it won’t open easily when thrown into a makeup bag
  • The shadows are a good size
  • The rose packaging is beautiful!!

Cons (or minor inconveniences, really):

  • The names are on the back instead of with the shadows
  • There is not a mirror
  • I would have liked more darker shades to use as a liner