August Favorites 2017

August has been an incredibly crazy, busy, and exciting month for me. I started student teaching this month and took over my first class which has been an emotional roller coaster. There are days when I’m incredibly happy and absolutely love my job, and there are other days when I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. Overall, though, I’ve loved it. Anyway, because of this, most of my favorites for this month are because of student teaching.


  1. Eva-NYC 10 in 1 Hair Primer: I got this product in my IPSY bag a few months ago, and I absolutely love it! I use it right after I dry my hair, and it makes my hair so much more manageable, shiny, dries faster, and healthier. I’m literally down to the last few sprays, so I’m going to go out and buy more very soon.
  2. Pixi by Petra Color Corrector in Brightening Peach: I have really dark under eye circles. Plus, I’ve been having to wake up a lot earlier than usual which doesn’t help much, so I wanted to try a color corrector to try and make them a bit better. This has been really great. The color is great and really does make my under eyes a lot brighter.
  3. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge: I have been using this everyday since I got it. It blends my makeup so well and makes it look flawless. The point also lets me blend my concealer into the corners of my eyes. In my opinion this is better than the Beauty Blender.
  4. Too Faced Natural Love Palette: This is the absolute best everyday eye palette. You can get so many different looks with it. They blend out really well, and there are multiple different mattes, shimmers, and glittery shades to get the look you want. I also think it’s the perfect beginner makeup palette. IMG_6717
  5. Crochet Toms: These shoes have been absolutely perfect for student teaching since I have to be on my feet all day. They are so comfortable, and they are dressy enough to wear for school.
  6. Vera Bradley Agenda: This has literally been my life since I started student teaching. Between school, my blog, my channel, and general life, I have been living by what’s in this. It is a little expensive, but it has been perfect!

I hope you all have had a great month! Let me know what you have been loving in the comments!

25 Things about Me!

This is going to be kind of a short blog post. I just wanted to take some time to tell you a little about who I am and what I love! Let me know in the comments section some things about you!

  1. I absolutely love cold animals (penguins, killer whales, seals, etc)
  2. I did gymnastics for 11 years
  3. My favorite color is teal and turquoise
  4. I wanted to work for Sea World when I was little
  5. I was obsessed with Steve Irwin when I was little
  6. One Direction is the first and only boyband I’ve ever liked (Sorry Backstreet Boys :/ )
  7. I am a science education major with an emphasis in biology
  8. I have wanted to start a YouTube channel for about three years now
  9. My favorite makeup brand is Too Faced
  10. The first YouTuber I ever watched was Zoella
  11. The boyfriend I have now is my first ever boyfriend
  12. We have been dating for almost two years
  13. I’m definitely an introvert which means I get energy from being alone
  14. I am an only child
  15. I have seven first cousins who are like my siblings
  16. My favorite tv shows are How I Met Your Mother, Parks and Rec, Once Upon a Time, and Pretty Little Liars
  17. I love romantic comedies, but they have to be really funny
  18. It takes a lot to make me really laugh
  19. I am 22 years old
  20. I am a fifth year senior in college
  21. My favorite author is C.S. Lewis
  22. I adore fruit
  23. Peaches are my absolute favorite
  24. I started doing my makeup about halfway through my sophomore year of college
  25. I am obsessed with coffee. If I don’t have it in the mornings I’m literally like a zombie

Colourpop Concealer and Brushes First Impressions

I was so excited to finally get these products. I have been waiting for them since they announced that they were launching them, so I’m just going to jump right into it!




  • They do not feel cheap.
  • They are very soft.
  • They blend out makeup well.
  • The powder brush is dense enough to pick up enough product, but fluffy enough not to make the powder look cakey.
  • The face brush works really well with highlighter.
  • The blending brush blends eyeshadow into the crease really well.


  • They do not have the names on the brushes!!
  • I don’t particularly like the dome eyeshadow brush. I prefer those to be more flexible than this one is.

I was very pleasantly surprised with these brushes. I honestly thought that they would feel cheap, but they actually are very nice, soft brushes!


No Filter Concealer in Fair 5


  • The shade is actually pale enough for my skin tone which doesn’t happen very often.
  • I love the applicator! It picks up the product and applies it really well.
  • The packaging is sleek and nice.
  • It looks very natural and healthy on the skin.
  • It is really easy to blend out.
  • It feels really lightweight and not at all cakey.
  • It gives really good, full coverage.
  • It’s a really good price.


  • After about two or three hours, it started to sink into my smile lines, but not enough to really look bad.


I was actually really shocked when I first tried out this product. I thought that it was going to be good, but I really didn’t expect to like it as much as I have. I really think that this is a great concealer for pimples and redness. It’s not my favorite for under eyes since it’s not as brightening as I like under eye concealers to be. This really isn’t a con, though since it’s not supposed to be strictly for under eyes or claims to be really brightening.

The Little Things I Love: Summer Edition

Sometimes I think that it’s the little things in life that make life so amazing. Those moments when you can just sit and enjoy life for a few moments or hours. Everyone has different things that they make them feel this way. For some people, it’s being around large crowds or being in the middle of a hyped concert. For the summer, though, these are the things that make me feel this way.

  1. Sitting in the Front Porch Swing. There is just something about swinging on the front porch on a warm (not burning hot, warm) summer day and listening to the sounds of birds and other animals around you that is just so comforting. IMG_6565.JPG
  2. Feeling a Light Breeze on a Warm Day. There is nothing so refreshing as a soft, light breeze when you’re just starting to get a little too hot. IMG_6564
  3. Hugging Your Family After Being Away for a While. The moment I got to hug my family after being away from them for the entire month of June was just so amazing. Seeing the happiness on their faces from me being back was so comforting and….I just don’t have words for it.
  4. Taking a Walk by Yourself in Nature. I live next to a family lake and walking on a warm day down by the lake with no one else but you and the occasional animal is an absolutely amazing experience.
  5. The First Feeling of the Ocean. Each year my family goes to the beach, and feeling the ocean on your feet and the saltiness of the air around you for the first time that year is just a magical experience. IMG_5037.JPG
  6. Getting Excited about a New Hobby. This summer I put my fears aside for a moment and started a YouTube channel and got back to writing regularly on my blog. There’s something incredibly exciting about the anticipation of starting a new channel or blog and the hope and pride you have for what it’s going to turn into.
  7. Having Your Dog Come Sit Beside You While You’re Working. There’s something that makes you feel important when your dog decides to stop chasing after lizards and squirrels and just lay down next to you and enjoy the day. IMG_6562.JPG
  8. Listening to a Song that Perfectly Describes What You’re Going Through. I absolutely love connecting a song to a specific place and time in my life. It’s never intentional, but whenever that song plays a few months/years later, I always go back to that specific moment in time.
  9. Fairy Lights All Around You. To me, fairy lights just make everything look more beautiful and magical at night. IMG_6136.JPG

So those are some of the little things that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside this summer. Let me know in the comments what’s been making you feel the same way!!

March in Review/Favorites

I’m actually really loving this year so far because so many exciting things are starting to happen in my life. This month I finished up my first practicum where I had to teach middle school for the first time. It was a really great, amazing, more than slightly terrifying experience, but overall it was great. I also booked tickets to New Zealand for June which is incredibly exciting (and also terrifying) since I’ve never actually traveled out of the country before. Most importantly, though, unlike last year I’ve been trying to stop and enjoy the little things more and I feel like it’s made this year slow down a bit more. Last year went by so quickly that at the end of it I felt like I had missed so much, so I’ve been trying to enjoy this year more.

Anyway, these are some of the things I’ve been really loving this month….

1. The book my mentor teacher gave me! Like I said, I finished up my practicum last week, so I’ve been really bummed out that I won’t get to see the students again. Then, my mentor teacher completely surprised me and gave me this book called a Teacher Yearbook that all of the students had written me notes in. She told me that she keeps one as well, and has her students sign it every year. Then, when she’s having a bad day, she can look back and see that she is making a difference. It completely melted my heart, and I’m so excited about continuing on with my student teaching with it.

2. Eva Nyc Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer I got this in my ipsy bag this month. Without going into crazy detail, it does everything that it promises. It makes my hair so much easier to detangle, it’s shinier, much less frizzy, and, as a bonus, smells really good. Also, as a girl who hates to dry her hair, it helps my hair dry so much faster. It’s also only $11.99 which is definitely affordable.

3. Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette I absolutely love this palette which is no surprise since I love all things peach related. The colors are beautiful, and there are so many options that you can get a lot of different looks out of one palette. As with the other Too Faced palettes I’ve used, they’re also easy to blend, very pigmented, and smell amazing! The only problem is that the smell is so strong it can get a little overwhelming if you’re using the mirror.


4. This one is a little weird, but Cheez-Its! I’ve become more than slightly obsessed with them this month. Since it’s near the end of the semester, I’ve had an insane amount of work to do, and I’ve found myself snacking on them all the time. They’re just perfect, so go get some! I recommend the family size box 🙂