September Beauty Wishlist

So many amazing collections are being released today and in the near future, and if I were to buy all of it, I would be in debt up to my head. Since I can’t buy all of them, I thought I would do my first ever beauty wishlist with some of the products I would absolutely love to have, and if you happen to have more money than I do at the moment, you should definitely check out!

Too Faced Peaches and Cream Collection

Let’s be honest, I want absolutely everything from this collection (and I’ll be buying some of these products, but here are a few of my favorites….

  1. Peach Kiss Matte Lipstick ($21) in Drunk Dial, Love is a Battlefield, After School Special, and Sex on the Peach: Seriously, this is like one of the cutest tubes of lipstick I have ever seen. There are peach indentations ON the lipstick, and the gold and cream on the tube look so classy and beautiful. Drunk Dial is a beautiful deep purple, and Love is a battlefield is a deep plum which are both gorgeous for fall.
  2. Peach Perfect Foundation ($36) in Snow: I just really, really want to try this foundation because I really love their Born This Way foundation. It’s supposed to be matte, too, which I like for fall weather.
  3. Just Peachy Mattes Palette ($45): I absolutely love the look of this palette! It’s all mattes which is awesome since I don’t have a palette like that. It also looks perfect for a travel palette since it has such good colors and a great mirror.
  4. Peach My Cheeks Blush ($30) in Peach Dream: Honestly, I’m just really curious about this formula. It’s supposed to be new and comes in blushes, a bronzer, and a highlighter. The shade Peach Dream is a really soft pink, and I think it would look great on my pale skin for the winter months.
  5. Primed & Peachy ($30): I really love Too Faced’s other primer, so I’m curious to see how this one does as well. I’m also really hoping it smells like peaches like the other one smells like coconut.

Tarte’s New Holiday Collection

The packaging of all of these products is absolutely so cute and different than other holiday collections I’ve seen. I just love it! Here are some of the products I really want….

  1. Buried Treasure Eyeshadow Palette ($36): This palette is so freaking cute. All of the eyeshadows are laid out next to each other in different sized circles, and the shades are absolutely perfect for any kind of holiday party. I want this so, so bad!
  2. Lip Luxuries Deluxe Lip Sculptor Set ($34): This comes with five tubes of lipstick in really pretty Christmas-y shades. They’re all double ended, so on one side you have the satin lipstick and on the other, there’s a gloss. They look so bright and festive!
  3. Metallic Treats Glitter Liner Set ($29): I would really just love to try these out since I don’t have any glitter liners. It comes with three shades, and I absolutely love all three. I could definitely see myself wearing them to a fancy Christmas party or dinner.

Dream Like a Ninth Grader….

So, Friday was my very first day of student teaching. We have all ninth graders in our classes, and since the first day of high school is usually spent getting to know the school, teacher, and the other students, my teacher decided to have all of the students write one paragraph about themselves on an index card. They were allowed to write whatever they wanted, but most of the students decided to dedicate at least one line to their dreams: what they wanted to be when they got out of high school.

Reading all of these index cards filled with expectations, dreams, and potential really got me thinking about what I would have said in ninth grade. What would I say now if I was on the brink of my entire future and everything seemed possible?

College and young adult life somewhat takes all of that away from you. You start having to look at things realistically. Realistically how am I going to support myself? Do I have good enough grades/test scores to be a surgeon, nurse, etc.? Do I have a child, spouse, family member that is relying on me?

But maybe….we still have room in our lives for our own dreams? Those dreams that may not seem realistic, and we’ve buried deep down because it just doesn’t seem possible. Maybe it’s time to put away the realistic for just a few minutes and start dreaming again like my ninth graders.

Spend a few minutes thinking about what you would have written on that index card.

Are you taking steps in order to reach that long lost dream?

If not, it may be time to put away reality for a few minutes each day and start working on those long lost dreams. Start that blog or YouTube channel you always wanted to start. Go back to community college and take one class at a time until you reach your goal. Believe in yourself, and dream like a ninth grader again because, honestly, what is life if we lose faith in our deepest desires?

5 Tips for College Freshmen!!

I was talking to my little cousin today who is just starting her freshman year of college (how is she that old? :/ ), so in honor of her first year (and my last one), I wanted to write this post to help/encourage any of you that may be starting their college career like her! Now, as a fifth year senior who has been to three colleges and had five majors (yeah, it’s been kind of a crazy ride) I feel like I have loads of information to share about how to make it through college, but I will cut it down to five major points. If you would like more or have any other questions, please message me! I would also love to hear any of your own experiences or advice, so leave them here as well!

  1. Get involved!!! Oh, how I wish I had listened to this advice when I went to college! (I probably wouldn’t have gone to three different colleges if I had lol) College is full of so many opportunities, so try and make the most of them. When I moved to the college I am at now, my friend convinced me to tryout for rowing with her (even though I had never rowed a day in my life or knew what it was), and we ended up making it! It was one of the best decisions of my college career because it brought me out of my shell and gave me some pretty awesome experiences I never would have had otherwise. Don’t let fear keep you from trying everything out! The worst that could happen is that it’s not for you. Even then just try something else out! I promise you won’t regret it!
  2. Go to class. Let me just go ahead and tell you now, it is REALLY easy to skip class in college. Most of my professors didn’t care if I was in class or not, and you don’t have parents there to make you go. Just don’t do it. Once you start skipping, it’s really hard to stop, and I promise you that your grade will be much better if you go. Without a doubt, every class where I skipped classes I ended up getting a grade that was worse than I could have gotten. Eventually, you’ll regret it.
  3. Be yourself and allow yourself to make new friends. I have to say this is the biggest regret I have about college. I was going through a lot at the time, and instead of allowing myself to make new friends, I desperately tried to hang on to the ones I already had. Now, there’s nothing wrong with keeping up with your high school friends, but you have to allow yourself room to grow. Most people change a lot in college, and before I knew it, I hardly recognized the old friendships I had. Unfortunately, by the time I recognized that we had grown apart, it was already my last year of college, and it was hard to start over.
  4. Recognize the signs of depression and anxiety. This one is a bit sadder than the rest, and hopefully you will never have to experience this, but the facts are that a lot of people become depressed in college. I know so many people who have gone through it, and it’s so important that you recognize the signs in yourself or your friends and get help. There’s no reason that anyone should have to go through college depressed when there are so many resources to help. Make sure you know the options that the school offers for dealing with depression (most have counselors available especially for this purpose), and above all do not feel ashamed about it. It’s something many people go through, so you are not alone. I promise getting help is better than trying to deal with it alone. 🙂
  5. Enjoy college!!! Above all, your college years are short, so have fun with them! You’ll learn and grow so much in these four years, and it’s so important that you try and make the most of them. There will most definitely be hard times, but you are not alone. The important thing is to keep getting back up!

All the best!! 🙂




Colourpop Blotted Lip and Ultra Blotted Lip

Let me just say that I have had these lipsticks ever since they first came out, and I am still just as in love with them now as when I first got them. They are absolutely my favorite lipstick formula from Colourpop. I have three from the Blotted Lip collection and three (well, I had more, but I can’t seem to find them at the moment….) from the Ultra Blotted Lip (liquid lipstick). Here’s why I love them so much!


  • They don’t feel sticky.
  • They’re perfect for everyday.
  • They don’t feel drying on the lips (unlike the ultra matte formula).
  • They come in a wide range of colors.
  • They’re perfect for people who are starting to get into lipstick since they leave nice tint that’s not too overpowering.
  • They’re buildable.
  • They’re SO affordable!

The only problems I’ve had with them so far is that the blotted lip transfers a little (not a problem with the ultra blotted lip) which really isn’t that bad!

Mini Ulta Haul and First Impressions

Over the past few weeks, Ulta has been having their 21 Days of Beauty sell where they have different products on sell for really great prices. Sadly, it’s over now (booo), but I was able to catch the end of it and get an Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil which I’ve been looking at for a while now for half off. I’ve heard a lot of really great things about this from a bunch of people, so I’m really excited to try it out!


As for the product itself, there’s nothing incredibly impressive about the packaging (which I don’t really mind considering it’s just a brow pencil….), but the actual pencil is really nice. It has a little brush on one end which is really convenient since you don’t have to search around to find a brow brush (I really should organize my brushes). The pencil itself is about the smallest thing I’ve ever seen which is really nice for trying to get natural looking eyebrows. I got the color Taupe, and it is absolutely perfect for me. The color is spot on. From what I saw at the store, they also have a wide range of colors to choose from, so anyone should be able to find the right color for them.

The second thing that I bought was the new Natural Love palette from Too Faced. I am absolutely in love with this collection. I definitely prefer more natural looking makeup, so this is perfect for me. The packaging is absolutely beautiful, it comes with a huge mirror, and the color selection is perfect for so many different looks. I was actually surprised at just how big the shadows are since there are 30 of them. The only problem I can see myself having with the palette is that since it’s so big I probably won’t want to take it on trips which is really depressing since it has such a great mirror.




(Excuse some of the swatches. The light ones definitely blend in with my pale skin….haha) The shadows themselves are for the most part really pigmented. There were a lot more straight glittery shades than I thought there would be, and I would have likes some of them to be a bit more pigmented, but just from what I’ve seen so far, I really love them.


Let me be the first to admit how much I hate change. I really just can’t stand it. Believe me, I have tried to like it, I’ve pretended to like it, and I’ve tried my best to embrace it, but no luck. Just to give you an example of how much I hate change, one year my family decided to change up where we went for breakfast on the way to the beach (we ALWAYS go to this restaurant called Cracker Barrel), and I spent the entire eight hour drive refusing to talk to anyone.

Wow….that really makes me sound like a brat. Honestly, it wasn’t that I didn’t get to go to my favorite restaurant that made me so mad. It was just the fact that we changed up what I was expecting, and I didn’t like it. That probably makes me a control freak, but I suppose the first step to solving a problem is admitting that you have one….or something like that.

I really think that’s the reason I’ve been having such a hard time this year. So many things in my life have changed, and it scares me…. People I thought would always be there are now gone. Family members I thought I would have for at least a couple more years have passed away. Friends that said they would always be there, that said they would never hurt me, have done exactly that. You know how people say that you’re starting a new chapter in your life? Well, I feel like I’m starting a whole new book.

I think there are a lot of good things about familiarity. After all, isn’t tradition doing the same things over and over again? Traditions can be passed on from generation to generation and connect you with the past. It makes you feel safe and secure.

One thing I’m starting to realize, though, is that as hard as change can be, it is necessary and good. Here’s why I think change is good, and for those of you like me who are resisting change, here’s why we should work together to let it happen.

  1. You learn more about yourself. I’ve heard people say that travel makes you learn more about yourself, and I think the same is true about change. After all, travel is a lot of change: new surroundings, people, cultures, etc.. When things change and times get stressful, you meet a part of yourself you might never have seen before. For me, I learned that I have a tendency to try and make things go back to the way they were even if it’s bad for me. I try and replace people who are gone, and I try and make my circumstances as close to they way they were at the beginning. In other words, I’ve learned that I hate change. LOL.
  2. It might be for your good. Sometimes when people exit your life or your circumstances change dramatically, it’s actually better for you. For this one, I’m not really talking about loved ones passing away. I’m talking more about when your long term boy/girlfriend breaks up with you, your best friend moves on, or you’re starting at a new college. Recently, this has happened quite a lot for me, and I’ve found myself trying to bring them (or memories of them) back into my life when they don’t have a place there anymore. Because of my extreme dislike of change, I’ve tried to bring people who have hurt me back just to keep things the way they were. Which brings me to my next point.
  3. You’ll miss out on a lot of really great NEW things if you don’t. Looking back on my college career, I’ve realized that I’ve done this a lot. I missed my old friends so much that I didn’t make new ones. I missed my high school clubs so much that I didn’t join new ones. Recently, I tried to hold on to an old relationship I wanted to mean something so bad that I almost ruined the one I have now.
  4. It gives you a chance to grow. This one kind of goes along with the other one, but if you stay in the same places, with the same people, and in the same time of your life, you’ll never give yourself the chance to grow, learn, and explore.

See! Change isn’t all that bad! ….I’ll just keep telling myself that. 🙂


I feel like I have let fear run most of my life. Looking back, it seems as if I’ve made all of my decisions based on running away from things I think might hurt me than running towards opportunities to make me happy. When I decided to go to college, I chose a college four hours away from my hometown just so I wouldn’t have to see anyone from my old high school. When I quit gymnastics, it was because I felt like I was losing my best friend and instead of fighting for the relationship, I ran from the sport I loved. When I quit band, it was because all my friends graduated the year before and instead of trying to make new ones, I left.

Anyway, you get the picture. During these decisions, I never realized I was making my decisions based on fear, but looking back, I know that I did. The problem is that making decisions based on fear usually doesn’t do anything but cause regret. It may seem like it’s saving you from pain in the moment, but usually it just causes more heartache. Instead of facing the problem, you run from it. I wonder what my life would have been like if I had been more courageous.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing that you can do to change your past. The best thing you can do is look forward and change your future. I’ve decided that I don’t want to run anymore. I want to be able to take chances and deal with the consequences either good or bad. I want to fight for things instead of running away at the first sign of trouble.

With anything worthwhile, though, I know that it’s not going to be easy. Whenever you try to change something about yourself, there are times that you slip up and slide back into that old habit, but I’m trying to work for this. I’m tired of living in fear.